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DharmaDog walking service

DharmaDog walks in packs of maximum four dogs so that every dog gets individual attention ánd have great social interactions! Walking in smaller packs means I can fit the walk to the need of the dog. Like changing the group to make sure everybody has a great walk, with the right friends not to only play but also learn.

During the walks every dog gets his share of my individuel attention with playing, but also training (optional, see training). This means your dog not only will have an energetic walk, but also develops in social skills and your training in the house will be reinforced outside.

When does DharmaDog walk?

Work days in the morning, afternoon and late- afternoon (till 6 pm)

In weekends and on sun- and holidays a different raid is applied

DharmaDog offers both private training and training with dog walking service combined. Private training is unique and based on your situation for the best results. The training and dog walking service combined offers training that is practiced by you at home and i will follow the training through during the walks.

Basic/Puppy training

  • Sit
  • Down
  • Wait
  • Look at me
  • Play and fetch

Tricks 101

  • Shake
  • Speak
  • Bring the leash
  • Roll over