Exclusive dogwalking service

For who

DharmaDog is specialiced in dogs from abroad, straydogs and/or with a trauma.

100% care for your dog

Walking areas

DharmaDog walks dogs from all over Amsterdam, except Amsterdam North and South-East.

Limited places available in different cityparts, for more recent information you can send a message.


DharmaDog stands for quality over quantity, meaning the walking packs are no bigger then four dogs.

Every pack has a steady and stable core so that every new dog will be introduced in a balanced pack and still will have diversity.

So how does it work?

The walk

When you registered, we will make an appointment to meet and you can tell me everything about your dog. During this introduction your dog will join for a walk and meet the rest of the pack.

The next step is signing the contracts and exchanging keys. From this point on your dog is part of the DharmaDog pack!

Based on all your information and the introduction I will create a pack that suits your dog's needs. During the walk your dog will be wearing a GPS Tracker and at the end of every walk you will get a map of our walk with pictures and/or movies and a rapport in your e-mail.


Everybody needs a dogwalking service for different reasons. That's why we have as many prices and payments methods to fit your needs. Exclusive but still accesable.

Are you gonna use the dogwalking service often and regular? Then we have a weekly and monthly subscription with a set price for set days. With a flex subscription there is no guaranteed spot as with the other subscriptions.

Every Wednesday we go to the beach or woods for the whole day. Applying for this walk is possible through e-mail.

All prices are including taxes

Green transport
DharmaDog uses the authentic Amsterdam way of transportation, the bike! For our Wednesday walks we use a car to drive to the beach or woods. A sturdy bike with six gears and a buggy will pick your dog and bring us to our walking areas. On the bike there is a little dog basket for the smallest among the pack, while the bigger dogs go in the doggy buggy. The big dogs will walk next to the bike. DharmaDog will NEVER let your dog run next to the bike due to health risks. Not every dog is used to be in or next to a bike. If necessary this can be taught and otherwise your dog will be picked up last and will have the walk in the nearest park with the rest of the pack.